As almost everything on screen is pixels I felt that Sirene Webstudio somewhat was a bit narrow to embrace all the services and products I eventually want to offer.

Emerging from Sirene Webstudio appeared Pixelfields as a more holistic approach to my work and philosophy in 2013. Inspiered by a friend and client – Øyvind Martinsen, http://www.panamaphotoexplorations.com – I went along and bought pro DLSR equipment and started to shoot right away. I´ve always had a good eye for composition and interesting objects. At least in my opinion 🙂

Not to say that in anyway that my work is more interesting/special/better quality than others. But I might say that it is equally driven by passion, and that is always a solid foundation for good productions. The work will be presented

So that was the idea; to broader embrace web/photo/philosophy as a service to how You could distinguish your operations on the internet.